Quirk Allocation

Do you ever stand in line at the ten items or less counter and the guy in front of you drops down 23 items? Why does he do that? He seems an otherwise decent and intelligent fellow.

He does that because we have all been allocated X number of quirks. Ignoring the sign that says: “Ten Items or Less” is one of his quirks. Try to think of quirks as Things that Otherwise Intelligent People Can Be Totally Stupid About.

Other quirks include being a bad driver, or not washing, or having terrible handwriting; remember that we are all allowed some quirks (let’s say, five). The trick to coping with quirks is that with the stranger, you don’t know whether whatever he’s doing to annoy you is a legitimate quirk — part of his allocation. Give the guy a break.

However, if it’s someone you know, and you know he’s gone over his quota — do feel free to tell him to get his act together. In fact, don’t just feel free. It’s your obligation. That way everything can get back into balance.

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