New Episode: The Sleeveless Tee Shirt…

In the very first scene of the first episode of Seinfeld (and in the very last scene of the last episode, for that matter), Jerry is making an observation about George’s new shirt.

To paraphrase: The second button is crucial to the whole shirt; if it’s too high then you’re a Mommy’s boy — if it’s too low then you’re a hairy chested sybarite, showing off your medallion.

This unwritten rule is known to all men; it’s written into their genetic code.

Now dress down from a shirt, and you have a choice: a tee shirt with its short sleeves, or a singlet. There’s no in between; it’s either one or the other. Until now.

This horrible in between thing, this monstrosity, this — sleeveless tee shirt — is between sleeves and openings. It sports holes that you force your arms through; holes so small that they chafe your armpits.

Holes that make you look like you’re wearing…

…Your wife’s top!

Am I the only one that sees this?

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