Thank You, Carbon Copy Cloner

I got all excited when I saw the specs for Safari 5 and immediately downloaded it. Then I paused and remembered how Safari burrows into the OS and can be all but impossible to uninstall and revert so I did a fresh incremental backup of the hard drive using Carbon Copy Cloner.

Sure enough, being a point zero version, there were a few features that I wasn’t wild about — the worst being the fact that it broke my copy of Pith Helmet — so I gulped hard and decided to overwrite my drive with the clone.

I needn’t have worried. Twenty minutes later everything was as it was one minute before installing the new Safari.


The New iPhone

It was the worst kept secret, ever. But still — oh my gosh! What a beautiful thing it is. That’s just my first impression from the (excuse the gaiety) fabulous images on the apple site.

Having said that, though, it has lost that organic purity that made the previous model such a joy to simply hold in the hand. Times change though, and it’s obvious that the new impression they want to convey is that of a solid slab of black glass ringed with steel.

The proof will be in the grasping, of course. Can’t wait.