All Things Considered

First my task manager of choice was Things, then I switched to 2Do, and now I’m back with Things again. 2Do was fun to use and it synced wonderfully with Toodledo for backup purposes; but it really was stand alone. I thought that would work out but what with using three devices in three different scenarios as I am now, iPhone when out and about, Mac when at my desk, and iPad everywhere else, I needed a way to keep everything in sync.

Things now does that.

Whenever I have all three copies of Things open at once they are constantly chatting to each other and keeping up to speed. Also, none has any more features than the others (with the small exception of repeat scheduling which is handled by the desktop version).

Things is the expensive option on all three platforms but the cost is soon forgotten as all the versions work so well together, and with such grace and clarity.

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