iPhone 4 is Calling Out to Me

My iPhone 3GS has given me sterling service so far, but I feel the time to upgrade is at hand. Speed is the driving force behind the move. It’s as though every OS upgrade and every app update has chipped a little more off the performance.
Back in the days of the Newton someone said that if it takes more than a second then people will walk away. Well, today some apps are taking four or five seconds to launch, and it does add up. In short, the primary reason I want an iPhone 4 is to get that snappiness back.
I decided that it was within my budget and then I half went back on my decision. It’s a LOT of money for a phone and there’s nothing technically wrong with the one I have. But then on the other hand, I’m utilizing it for literally hours a day—I’m reading and writing and searching and talking with it from morning to night, so in a sense it’s a valuable tool, and nobody regrets paying for the best tools.
Quite apart from the speed aspect, I’ll be getting the super high resolution display which has to be better for my eyes (yes, I do read complete novels on the thing), and there’s the multi-tasking, and the higher quality cameras… What the hey. Why am I stalling? I’m sold.

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