My latest depression

Since the drugs wore off my state of mind has been normal to euphoric, until last Wednesday when I suffered a financial setback that meant that we would be literally out of money for a week. That triggered a real depression (or maybe that depression would have come anyway, who knows?) that I’ve only popped out of today (Monday).
Nothing that I tried had any effect on the length of the depression, but I think the techniques I remembered and called on, prevented it from getting much worse. For instance I remembered that negative thoughts would enter my head, or sometimes just feelings, and that I wasn’t obligated to believe them or dwell on them. I said to myself that right now I’m in a state of depression: I’m not going to act or dwell on anything until its over.
At one stage I found myself very angry over something that happened, and I turned it around by giving that something a more positive spin. That spin might not be true but it dissipated the anger and that’s all that matters.

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