I watched the Apple new stuff presentation yesterday and the “scenarios“ would inevitably depict some racially obscure trans girl in an impossibility hip apartment with a yoga mat on the floor and a bicycle hanging from the wall, playfully working on a poster promoting sustainable jute production, using “their” iPad, MacBook, whatever.

The bit that made me laugh out loud was some graphic about saving the planet or whatever that said: We’re now using 100% recycled rare earth elements in our (get this) lid closure magnets.

A Budgeting Tip

Get yourself a budgeting app and as well as setting up your real accounts, set up some virtual ones to cover recurring expenses. As an example, figure out how much you spend over a year on Internet and phone bills. Divide that by how often you are paid and then automatically “transfer” that amount from your real account to your virtual Internet and Phone account on pay day.
After using this system for a while you will find that you’re ignoring the total amount that’s actually in your account and instead making spending decisions based on what you have to spare.
This way when the time comes to pay your bills there should be no scary surprises.

Thoughts on Steve Jobs

He wasn’t right all of the time but all of the time he was absolutely sure about what he decided was right. And, most importantly, he had no problem at all with the concept of changing his mind.

This certainty gave the whole of Apple a collective certainty about their message and their vision.

The next iMac

Here’s some wild and crazy speculation on the possible new iMac, due mid-2013.
The glass and the display will be all that you see from the front. There will be no lower band of aluminum.
The display will be sharp enough to be touted as retina, in that fonts will look gorgeous, but it won’t be as high res as the MacBook because you’re sitting further away. The guts will be entirely solid state apart from the fans.
If you absolutely require an optical drive there’s an external one available.
If you require a bigger drive for storage there’s the all-new Mac Pro as an alternative.
What you end up with is essentially a Thunderbolt Display with a MacBook Pro inside it; very easy to manufacture because of the small number of parts and the exotic parts brought down in price through mass production.
There will be grizzles about the lack of upgradability but it’ll be an ideal machine for the other ninety percent.